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Kitty Tan.
The wonders of life gave me the chance to write about it.


My name is Kitty. officially 18 in 2016. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for cameras because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I'm in love with sports. I'm also in love with food.
I am also a Ngee Ann poly audio-visual engineer !^^

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "


" Live updates of everything"


Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

Get good and decent GPA for poly.
A good camera that captures every memories.
Forever and always w my fave person on earth.
Earn lots of money so that my family can enjoy life better.
Visit South Korea
My driver's license and a car :p



Meet some lovely people ♥

Naomi Neo
Bong Qiuqiu


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Friday, 9 September 2016

hi my dearest bibi, we been together for almost 6 solid months, im glad we made it this far, we been thru many obstacles and there was so many times when we both wanted to give up, but im glad we managed to pull thru those obstacles tgt. and we made it to the 6 month mark. to me , you are the best gift from god. im glad i met you a year ago. really blessed to be given the chance to be tgt with you. and i will always cherish the moment i spent with you. 能和你一起我真的很开心。走在一起是缘分,一起走是幸福 <3 

有了你之后什么人我都不要了,只要你一个。希望你对我是真心的,愿我们能够永远陪着彼此一起走到最后。你说过的话,希望你能承诺。我没那么多勇气被你伤了一次又一次再去原谅你。就算我想原谅,我也没办法说服自己了。真的希望我们能够好好的过生活,以前的故事已经结束了。把以前的事做个好结尾,让我们一起写着现在我们的故事。 我和她是不同的。

i hope that we both can stay tgt forever, cause i wont want anyone replacing you. no one has ever done so much for me, you changed for me. for us. thank you for tolerating my childishness for half a year. for always holding my hands, giving me a sense of comfort and safety knowing that i have you by my side. hugging me tight, and giving me goodnight kisses. i wont want to hug anyone else, i wont want to kiss anyone else. i only want to have you. you are the best boyfriend anyone can ever ask for. thank you for always unshelling the prawns for me, knowing i wont eat them even tho i crave for it. cause i wont want to use my hands. and always plucking the chicken wing meat for me, so that i can eat it. lastly, also for the crab meat. like legit crab meat. because if you want crab meat, you needa use your own hand to get the meat. but you managed to pluck the meat from the crab for me, so that i can eat them. i love you so muchh for everything that you have done for me . ^^    

honestly, i been very happy with you . thanks for being patient with me, thanks for correctin all my bad habits. just give me three more years babe. once im done with my diploma, i promise we will travel more often, and we will be able to live tgt. 




♥ Embrace the magic

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

在一起五个月了,才知道为什么我放不下你。。 原来我太爱你了,你就是我的世界我的一切,而我呢? 在你眼里也许没那么重要,你突然回想起过去,我真的好怕你想回到她身边。也许因为你的内疚,她可能以为你还是对她有感觉的。。。搞到我生了一张大病,而在那段期间,你还在医治自己的心,我就在那要死不死酱。好辛苦好累,可是心里还在担心着你。你有时对我冷有时对我热,我都不讲什么,我只希望有你在身边。 一个简单的爱情,就是要伤心时有你安慰,开心时和你分享,生气时有你出气,难过时可以抱着你哭。。有时我真的很累很想放弃,很想告诉自己做么要酱对自己呢。可是我还是选择了忍下。你一定不知道其实你有很多事瞒着我,可是我什么都懂。在你内疚的那段时间,你在想她过得好不好,她在做什么。我什么都知道,我也不希望你少了一个像她那么好的朋友。可是我过不了自己那关,我接受不了。很多时候只能假装不知道,可是事实就摆在我面前。这种痛和辛苦我不想要了。真的好累。

everytime i check her profile or yours. i can see that she still likes your photos, like i am non existence. and it really irritates me alot, but what can i say? who can i say to ????? dont you know that it hurts my feeling. i am a bitch to have came between you and her, and i feel guilty af, i hate myself for doing something like this. i thought i could have just keep you as a crush. and when you are gonna get married to her, i will put the feeling down and behind. but no, you had to come and tell me you had feelings for me too, and gave me hope. but you got my hopes up high and you let it fall, let it crushed. i am hurt. i am tired. my heart is not as strong as i think it is, i keep lying to myself . i  keep telling myself that i am fine. but no i am not, and i can just break down anytime. but i am holding onto everything and every strength in me to not let that happen.

i may not say anything, but i know everything. i am doing whatever i can to make sure my parents like you, but stop hurting me . cause one day, i will be cold ..

如果有一天我失忆了,你会用什么办法让我想回你? 还是你会利用那个机会离开我? 回到她的身边?做么我有个感觉,她还在等你回头。 难道你真的会转心吗?你会不会突然发先也许你还是爱她的?你看到她时,会不会决定不要我了? 我很累,很拍。 我什么都不想去想了。我只想开心的过日子,希望我们能够永远在一起。一起白头偕老,一起看着儿女长大成家,抱着我们的孙子,把孩子养大。。。

♥ Embrace the magic